Development of a toolkit of economically plausible, socially robust, and environmentally responsible design strategies and resources for small town places that include approaches at the scale of the individual theater, district, regional, and state level. This should include approaches for new types of venues for community movie going viewers.


Deployable throughout the state of New Mexico, the T.U.B.E. provides an intimate sensory immersion. The T.U.B.E. will travel, by truck or semi, to a given location where it will detach from the vehicle. Then, through the process of unfolding T.U.B.E. will become a cinematic experience where the community can participate with varying levels of interaction. The most enveloping interaction will be climbing into the theater, sitting back into one of our ergonomic lounge seats, and viewing the projected film on a 5ft tall by 8ft 10in wide screen. Being at a close proximity to the action, with sub woofer assisted sound system, one will feel as though they are a part of the drama. The next level of experience will be pedestrian. Because the T.U.B.E. is not fully enclosed, passers by will view the film from adjacent pathways and become interested to the action unfolding the screen. This incidental involvement will spark interest in the general public who will then be able to go the T.U.B.E. application/website and get information about the project such as: where it will appear next, what will be showing, how they can vote on what will be shown, and how to get involved with both local cinema projects and use T.U.B.E. itself as an advertisement platform. Ultimately, our objective for T.U.B.E. is to bring awareness of small town theaters, sparking interest in revitalizing the many local cinematic gems throughout the state and the historic downtown neighborhoods that are connected to them.

Project Drawings, Diagrams, Renderings
& Model Completed by Team TUBE

TUBE CUT SHEET (PDF)T.U.B.E._files/TUBE_spec%20sheets.pdf